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Poster Fair:
The Poster Fair is a chance for participants to share their latest and greatest scientific results with a wide audience of photonics researchers from across Canada. This will be hosted in our online GatherTown Conference Centre, similar to last year. New this year, presenters will be invited to submit a short video summary of their work, to attract people to their booth!
Skills Exchange:
The Skills Exchange will give you an opportunity to learn soft and technical skills relevant to photonics students via engaging long-form presentations. For this special event, we are seeking presenters who are knowledgeable and passionate about a topic that may not be part of a traditional curriculum or course, but is important across sub-disciplines of photonics (e.g. data acquisition, making nice figures, etc).
Panel Discussion:
During the Panel Discussion, you will hear about the diverse career paths open to photonics students, how our panelists arrived at their careers, what is happening in their field today, and where they see the future of their field going.
Schedule (all times in EDT)Program
12pm -12:10pm Opening Remarks
12:10pm-2:20pm Poster Fair
2:20pm-2:30pm Coffee break
2:30-3:30pm Panel Discussion
3:30pm-3:45pm Coffee break
3:45pm-5:50pm Skills Exchange
5:50pm-6:00pm Closing remarks