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Skills Exchange

What is the Skills Exchange?

The pandemic has created new challenges in transferring knowledge and skills which are often learned by working alongside fellow group members. The Skills Exchange event aims to share the expertise of passionate presenters in an engaging online format. We are targeting skills that may not be part of a traditional curriculum or course, but are important across sub-disciplines of photonics.

Who should apply to the Skills Exchange?

We are seeking presenters who are knowledgeable and passionate about a topic important to optics and photonics careers. Each presentation will be 25 minutes (plus time for questions) and cover a skill that would be applicable to the wide audience of canPOM. Applicants can choose from the following list of topics or suggest their own topic:

  • Essentials of optical alignment
  • Getting started with FDTD optical simulations
  • How to make publication quality figures
  • Networking/social media skills for scientists
  • Data acquisition basics
  • Patents and ownership in academia
  • How to peer review a paper

Please note that acceptance of presentation proposals to the Skills Exchange event is limited. Proposals will be reviewed and selected by the Organizing Committee based on their suitability for the conference audience, clarity, and innovative methods of engaging with the audience.  Abstracts are due September 24, 2021.

What information will be needed to apply as a Skills Exchange presenter?

Along with your contact information, we ask you to answer the following questions:

Please tell us about: your topic choice, why you believe this is an important skill for undergraduate students, why you are qualified to present on it, and your vision for the presentation. In particular, please provide some examples of strategies you plan to use to maximize audience engagement and clarity in the online format. (3000 character limit)

Are there any extra resources or requirements you would need for your presentation?

If you would like, you may upload a visual aid to accompany your written proposal (1MB size limit).