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Career & Grad Fair 2020

Are you looking to attract new students to your group, or to hire new employees straight out of school? Come present at our our virtual Career & Grad Fair! Photonics companies, grad school representatives, and researchers looking to hire enthusiastic candidates are encouraged to host a booth at this event! Contact us to secure your free booth, before November 30th!

The Career & Grad Fair will take place via GatherTown. This platform was carefully selected to ensure a more immersive online user experience––as if you were really at a live career/grad fair! Please consult the program schedule for more details on when the Career & Grad Fair will occur.

Attendees will be able to walk around a room in which the booths are arranged (see below!) and approach anything that piques their interest. Their avatar (‘Andrew’) can easily move around using the keyboard arrow keys.

Presenters will be provided with a virtual booth (see the example image above!). The areas that are lighter in colour show the extent of the booth’s private space. As soon as an attendee (pictured here as the avatar, ‘Andrew’) enters this area, the presenter’s and attendee’s cameras/microphones will turn on, allowing both to communicate directly and explore opportunities together. In addition, a jpeg backdrop can be attached to your booth to help attract attendees walking by. The jpeg logos that can be added to the booth should be 178px x 47px, i.e. your ‘booth banner’. Also, pdf information sheets can be added to the booth and read by attendees (see below!). Being able to have a logo in the booth and ‘print material’ that can be read are nice features!