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Professional Development Booths 2022

Topic: Experiential Learning and Industry Networking
Bio: Dr. May Siksik is the director of business development at the Quantum Algorithms Institute. She also serves as a senior advisor for Mitacs. May has extensive experience working with SMEs and Fortune 500 companies in research and commercialization. She has worked in several areas including quantum computing, HPC, machine learning, embedded systems, and functional safety.Annika Rosanowski: Dr. Annika Rosanowski brings a strong background of working in post-secondary institutions, such as UBC, the University of Alberta, and Athabasca University to Mitacs. As business development advisor at SFU, she helps students and faculty develop collaborative research projects with industry partners and community organizations.

Topic/Bio: Curious about career options? Questions about networking, resumes, or how to prep for interviews? Danielle Barkley, PhD, is a career advisor who supports UBC graduate students and is available in this block/space/room to answer any questions related to career and professional development. Please feel free to pop in and ask questions, or listen to the discussion with other attendees.

V1 Studio:
Topic: Entrepreneurship
Bio: V1 Studio is a human-centric support haven for every researcher in Canada who wants to explore the impact of their research beyond academia.
We offer researcher-specific programs with different commitment levels to provide every researcher in Canada a touchpoint with entrepreneurship. We believe researchers in Canada are entrepreneurial at heart; however, they might not know it yet. V1 Studio clearly sees the potential researchers have in entrepreneurship, and we are on a mission to equip researchers with tools to expand their vision, support to ignite their desire, and resources to spark their curiosity. Our programs include the Québec Scientific Entrepreneurship Program, the Scientific Venture Program and the Lab2Market Program. We are happy to discuss anything related to entrepreneurship, whether you’re just curious or have been exploring entrepreneurship for a while! We will be happy to direct you to resources in Montreal’s startup ecosystem.

Topic: Evaluating your outreach: personal impact for society benefit
Bio: Dr. Matthew Posner is the workforce and education photonics director of Optonique, an excellence center gathering all the actors involved in photonics for the province of Quebec. After graduating from his Ph.D at Southampton University where he was heavily involved in the local student chapter, Matthew chose to come to Canada to work for Excellitas Technologies Corp. as a Learning and Development Consultant before transferring to Optonique. Since the beginning of his journey to Canada, Matthew continues to pursue with dedication his implication in the photonics community by chairing conferences and promoting photonics through any means. If you really want to see what passion looks like, come meet him at his canPOM booth on November 25th!