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Professional Development Booths


Topic: Explore and exploit the full potential of optics and photonics science and technology by mobilizing and strengthening Quebec’s research community.

Vision: Create a collaborative, interdisciplinary research environment, offering inclusive and accessible training, that will result in breakthrough discoveries and innovative technologies, multiplying the benefits of photonics and enabling the next generation to contribute fully to the development of knowledge and the socio-economic future of Quebec society.

V1 Studio

Topic: Entrepreneurship

Bio: V1 Studio is a human-centric support haven for every researcher in Canada who wants to explore the impact of their research beyond academia.

We offer programs with different commitment levels to provide every graduate student and researcher a touchpoint with entrepreneurship. We empower them through hands-on training, professional development, and access to funding to nurture their entrepreneurial drive and support their endeavors for impact.

Our programs include the Québec Scientific Entrepreneurship Program, the Researchers in Entrepreneurship Network, the Lab2Market Validate Program, and the Scientific and Innovative Venture Program. V1 Studio is very happy to come back for this fourth edition of the canPOM conference. Come to discuss anything related to entrepreneurship, whether you’re just curious or have been exploring entrepreneurship for a while!

The Advanced Laser Light Source (ALLS)

Topic: Laser Users’ Facility

Bio: The Advanced Laser Light Source (ALLS) is a unique laser-based infrastructure providing a coherent rainbow of light and cutting-edge end-stations to its users. The facility is located at INRS-EMT, close to Montreal. It is home of the most powerful laser in Canada with 750 TW, as well as to high repetition rate laser systems to explore novel phenomena in matter with ultrafast tools.

The famous ALLS video:

NRC (National Research Council, Canada)

Topic: Photonics at the NRC

Info: Brief overview of the  research activities in photonics at the NRC. NRC has over 3000 scientists in 72 locations around Canada. The research projects go from internal fundamental physics to research services for industries.

Various topics including photonics: astronomy, semiconductor laser, quantum, materials characterization, computer vision, telecom, fiber, etc.

NRC also has collaborative research programs such as the High-Throughput and secure networks.


Topic: Entrepreneurship

Bio: TandemLaunch creates, incubates and accelerates early-stage technology start-ups based on inventions from the world’s top universities in the areas of artificial intelligence, computer vision, IoT, audio and advanced sensors. We scout thousands of technologies every year from a network that spans over 600 universities worldwide. Having successfully executed over 50
technology transfer agreements, TandemLaunch is a spinout foundry with an international scope, producing high-impact, IP-focused companies with an unprecedented rate of success.

Photons Canada

Topic: Photons Canada is a business-led photonics organization

Bio: Photons Canada (the Canadian Photonic Industry Consortium) is an industry-led photonics organization dedicated to fostering the growth and advancement of the photonics industry in Canada. Through support, resources and networking opportunities, Photons Canada empowers Canadian companies to optimize their operations and accelerate the application of photonic technologies for enhanced quality, productivity and profitability.

Canadian Light Source (CLS)

Topic: Learn about the only synchrotron in Canada

Bio: The Canadian Light Source is the only synchrotron in Canada and one of the largest scientific infrastructure investments in our country’s history.

Since the start of operations, in 2005, CLS has enabled over 5,000 scientists from 56 Canadian academic institutions and 45 countries, to publish over 6,000 scientific papers, highlighting discoveries in a wide variety of fields, in over 1,000 international scientific collaborations.

From helping in the fight against COVID-19 to creating new cancer-fighting drugs, developing more nutritious and climate-resistant crops and supporting clean-tech and green mining processes, CLS’s infrastructure and experts help researchers solve problems, train the next generation of scientists, and support industries to become more efficient and sustainable.
CLS employs more than 250 people including scientists, engineers, technicians and administrative and business personnel.


Topic: Evaluating your outreach: personal impact for society benefit

Bio: Quebec’s Photonics Cluster exists to invigorate Quebec’s photonics ecosystem and provide it with representation; to increase its capacity for foundational and value added projects; and to foster innovation, creativity, and competitiveness.

Quebec’s Photonics Cluster works to mobilize and unite all of Quebec’s photonics stakeholders so that their knowledge and technologies can have a greater impact in Quebec, across Canada, and around the world.


Topic: Intellectual property

Bio: Founded in Montreal in 1892, ROBIC is internationally renowned and has earned a reputation for excellence in intellectual property in Canada. Our firm has offices in Montreal and Quebec City, and includes a team of over 230 support staff and highly qualified professionals specializing in intellectual property and business law.

ROBIC is one of the most prolific filers of trademarks in Canada and has earned an undeniable reputation for the quality and number of patents filed annually.